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                How to buy a data cable?

                Date:2019-09-17 Author: Hit count:25

                1. Hard and soft

                High-quality data lines are relatively soft, and poor-quality data lines tend to be relatively hard. Therefore, the soft cable is often more durable and easy to store, and the hard cable may not be able to charge or transfer data for a long time.

                2. Interface

                The most bad part of the data line is the interface at both ends, so the interface is very important when selecting the data line. The high-quality data cable uses an integrated pressing process, exquisite workmanship, small and durable, soft insulation texture, and tightly matched with the wiring harness.

                3. Length

                For a qualified data line, within a certain length, the length of the data line should not have a great influence on the transmission speed. Therefore, the length of the data cable depends on individual needs.

                4. Elasticity

                When buying, you can try it first to see if the plug is easy to use. Inferior data cables, plugged into the mobile phone interface is a bit laborious and tight, or loosely inserted. This takes a long time, it is very bad for the mobile phone socket, and it is easy to damage the socket.

                5. Inner core

                A good data cable uses a thicker high-quality copper core, which can pass a large current of 2A to ensure fast charging, less heat, and faster and more stable transmission. Since the inner core cannot be seen directly, the data cable with thick wire diameter, heavy weight and hard wire should be selected as much as possible.

                6. Packaging

                See if the packaging is exquisite, whether there is a clear place of origin, production date, manufacturer's telephone, address, certificate of conformity, etc. Disadvantaged data lines are often poorly packaged, there is no production logo, and the manufacturer's address is ambiguous.

                7. Brand

                The biggest key to buying a data cable is the brand. If possible, buy original products if possible. In addition, no matter how high-priced product manufacturers, there will be a certain failure rate, but the better the qualification and reputation of the merchant, the lower the failure rate, the more services users can enjoy, and the return mechanism. It is more perfect and the purchase is more assured.

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