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                Game developers solve VR's biggest marketing promotion problem

                Date:2016-03-10 Author: Hit count:883

                Netease Technology News March 9th news, according to Reuters, it is difficult to explain virtual reality (VR) to a person who has never used it, but a developer's work may solve this problem. The new work by Owlchemy Labs, the developer of the VR game "Job Simulator" (work simulator), mixes the player's reality video with the simulation office where the player interacts.

                The seamless images produced by us allow us outsiders to view the player's activities in the virtual world from a third-person perspective. In the past, viewers could only look at these actions from the perspective of the first person, and they could not really get a sense of existence. Companies such as Sony have used computer-generated images to illustrate what it is like to play games in VR. But these solutions are often unable to accurately depict the presence in the simulation, making consumers reluctant to pay more than $1,500 to buy.

                If the VR market really grows into a $40 billion market in 2020, you need to know how to demonstrate VR in an exciting and immediately recognized way. Owlchemy tested the mixed reality method when developing the Job Simulator. In the 7-second video, you can see a person picking up the things on the table and throwing them, and playing the game with the Vive helmet is a big part. This is not an animated or simulated picture. This video shows the player who is really playing Job Simulator and how his actions affect the game world.

                The player picked up the coffee cup and threw it into the air, then caught it with the other hand. He threw the paper plane to the other side of the room. People who have played Job Simulator know that this is true. You will feel like you are standing at the table or in the kitchen. Although you are seeing a cartoon picture, you just hit the thing through the controller and throw it out. Although this is not the perfect solution, some people will not understand why real people will stand in the office of the old video game, as in the 1990s edition of "Who Framed the Rabbit Roger" game.

                But this is the best work to interpret the 3D VR experience with 2D technology. As developers begin to market their Vive, Rift, and PSVR games, players will see much more of this video. (Mu Xiulin)

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