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                Apple will push 5.8-inch screen tablet phone

                Date:2016-03-10 Author: Hit count:923


                March 9th news, according to the CNBC website, Apple may launch a 5.8-inch screen iPhone in 2018 or earlier. This news from supply chain analysts has sparked heated debate on tablet phones.

                According to reports, the screen size of this new iPhone will exceed that of Samsung's Galaxy Note 5, which has a display size of 5.7 inches. The report also pointed out that this Apple phone will also use AMOLED screen.

                If the news is true, it means Apple will break away from the existing iPhone screen design philosophy. Currently, Apple's mobile phone screen size is up to 5.5 inches, which is the iPhone 6s Plus. The phone uses an LED-backlit screen.

                Apple did not respond to media interview requests.

                It should be pointed out that this news is only a rumor, and some industry people do not recognize its credibility. Forbes magazine and the technology website 9to5Mac expressed doubts about the authenticity of the news.

                However, the new display on the horse will promote Apple's use of more advanced display technology, even if the price of the component itself is very expensive. (Vini)

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