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                Google's technology giants such as Apple and Apple decreased year-on-year

                Date:2016-03-10 Author: Hit count:718

                Netease Technology News March 9 news, according to foreign technology website siliconbeat report, according to market research firm CB Insights data, the overall technology company's mergers and acquisitions last year showed a reduction, including Google, Apple and Facebook.

                CB Insights recently announced that the 2015 global technology exit report pointed out that although the current high valuation technology companies and unicorn companies give investors a small chance of exit, in fact, thanks to M&A transactions, exit in 2015 The total number has increased by 21%. What is the trend of M&A activity of some large technology companies in the near future?

                According to CB Insights, five of the eight major technology companies (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Twitter and Yahoo) reduced M&A transactions last year. This is not consistent with the general trend of the entire technology industry. Last year, the global technology industry's M&A transactions reached 3,350, an increase of 23% compared with the 2,720 cases in 2014.

                Here are some trends to watch out for:

                · In general, the above eight technology companies made 71 acquisitions in 2015, a significant decrease from 101 in 2014. However, three of them did not reduce mergers and acquisitions, including the number of acquisitions increased from 5 to 7 Amazon, and the number of acquisitions increased from 1 to 5 Salesforce.

                · Another company that added M&A is Microsoft. Under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella, the company made 18 acquisitions last year, significantly higher than in 2014 (10 total) and 2011 (four). Among the eight companies, Microsoft also had the largest number of acquisitions in 2015, with Google ranking second in 16 mergers and acquisitions.

                · Yahoo's acquisition boom, initiated by CEO Marissa Mayer, ended in 2015. According to public information, the company only made one acquisition last year, and its mergers and acquisitions in the previous two years totaled a staggering 50.

                According to publicly available information, from 2011 to 2015, Google acquired the largest number of companies, and it was the only company that acquired more than 100 companies during the period. However, last year, the company's mergers and acquisitions decreased by more than half: from 35 to 16.

                · Since 2013, Apple has announced more than 10 M&A transactions. The company has acquired a number of different industries, including LearnSprout (Education Technology), Mapsense (Geography), Emotient (Face Tracking) and PrimeSense (Semiconductor). Last year, it had 11 M&A transactions, one less than the previous year.

                · Since 2011, the eight companies have conducted 23 acquisitions of more than $1 billion.

                · Facebook's M&A volume has declined for three consecutive years, but in the recent transactions of the eight companies, the social network's $22 billion acquisition of mobile messaging app WhatsApp is the largest. (Lebang)

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