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                Home > Your Location : About Us > Introduction


                    ShenzhenYijia Shishang Technology Company,founded in 2008, occupied 3000 square meters,

                with more than 200 staffs working on the 5 production lines along with high-tech equipments,our

                main products are promotional gifts, retail electronics.The monthly production capacity up to 1

                million pieces of all series products which can meet customer's specific requirements.Being an

                ISO9001:2000 approval manufacturer,most of our products compliant with the safty approval CE,

                ROHS,FCC certification.
                    Our products are widely recognized and trusted by users,and can meet continuously developing

                economic and social needs.We only offer high quality products to our customers. Reliable quality,

                fast delivery,considerable service and cost-performance are the main reasons for our success up to

                    Welcome all customers over the world to contact us for future business relationship and achieving

                mutual success.

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                YiJia Online

                Sales Manager : Allen Young

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